About Us

The origin of ICASA is in 1990, when Rudi Bollen decided to work as freelance AS400 consultant. At first, Rudi performed detachment assignments, but very soon he became responsible for the realization of complete ICT projects. To meet the growing demand, the recruitment of employees got started.

In 1997 ICASA became an LLC and focused mainly on the development of AS400 solution within the logistic sector.

In 2000, the LLC got converted to an PLLC. Until then IBM was always the most important partner for ICASA. Because there was a sustaining demand of the clients, ICASA started her own Microsoft department in 2000. This department was occupied with the installation and support of Microsoft products, such as Windows, Microsoft SBS,…

Because of the constant growth of clients and co-workers, ICASA grew into one of the most important IT partners in Limburg. This led to a move in 2005 to an own office building on Wetenschapspark in Diepenbeek. In a first phase, this building offers room for around 50 workplaces with the ability to expand, so it takes care for the further future growth of the organization.

ICASA Group makes her first steps into HealthCare

In first instance ICASA was mainly focused on the delivery of facilities and services. In 2007, the services expanded and focus was directed towards product development with the establishment of ICASA Healthcare Solutions. This last one is created by the cooperation with a Brussels company within the sourcing division. ICASA Healthcare Solutions is, as the name suggests, mainly active within the medical world and develops, implements and supports planning software. We can distinguish three products: HospiView is a product developed for hospitals, AgendaView is a planning tool for group practices and SurgeView is implemented for the planning of operating theaters.

The takeover of LSA Delta +

May 2008, the next important step in the history of ICASA took place. ICASA suddenly became market leader of the ERP-systems within the petroleum sector by taking over LSA Delta +. Since 1980, LSA was a software company under the leadership of Jean Lathouwers. Because of the takeover by ICASA, the effectiveness of LSA increased and continuity was offered at the 25 co-workers and all the clients.

LSA offers three software applications, XPETRO, management instrument for fuel distributors – gas stations and card control included. In addition XDIST, an ERP-application for SME's, is offered. In these 2 packages, a third package is implemented, namely XBOOK. This is a ‘no-nonsense’ accounting application that is perfectly compatible with our other software applications.

ICASA today

After all those years, ICASA has become a solid SME. Roughly 100 employees give the best of themselves to offer all our clients a continuous service of high quality.

Do you want to know more about ICASA Group? Please contact us at +32 (0)11/85 80 80. We will be delighted help you.

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