ICT Solutions

Secure your IT infrastructure and avoid the loss of time, data and money.

ICT Solutions servicesAt ICASA, you are at the right place. We manage your entire infrastructure from A to Z so you can focus on your core business. In short, we have the necessary skills and knowhow to provide your business that decisive competitive advantage. 

  • One contact point for all your IT questions
  • Installation of software, upgrades, migrations to new platforms, …
  • Keeping network systems operational
  • Optimalization and further expansion of network infrastructure
  • Specialized IT professionals
  • Telephonic help desk, remote or on site
  • Network/infrastructural analysis of existing environment
  • Daily support based on performance or on-call contract (support contract by which will be agreed, in advance, how many days support you will need within a certain period)

In search of a strong IT partner? Contact us. We gladly think along with you.

Icon ict solutions softw devWe perform custom software development. 

  • Our in-house development team develops fully custom applications
  • Either on a fixed time/price or on time & material basis
  • The choice of the technical settings is determined by the needs and requirements of both the customer and the project
  • We can offer a.o. applications .NET, PHP, Java, RPG,.. on various platforms, ranging from PDAs to server or web based solutions



Icon ict solutions BILooking for an analytical tool which allows anyone in your company to easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards? To explore vast amounts of data and detect opportunities? We provide you with business intelligence solutions.

  • Insights for everyone without scripting or technical requirements
  • Drag-and-drop techniques allow anyone to create visualizations and reveal hidden insight
  • Analyze a la minute
  • Create easy to understand dashboards
  • Smart search functionality
  • Reclassify, mix and reuse data
  • Access to business data anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • A short implementation path wherefore there’s a low TCO
  • ...



Icon ict solutions infrastructureICT systems are more and more fundamental to keep business processes going. Hence, the infrastructure on which business applications are running needs to be kept in good working condition. Keeping systems in shape requires knowledge and employees. This however is not so obvious for every company, as IT is not their main focus.

We offer you a solution by presenting various IT-specialists, who can take care of the various aspects:

  • We keep your network systems operational
  • We provide the necessary support
  • We see how we can optimize existing infrastructure or expand them further
  • We always take the future needs of the organisation into consideration