We make it our business to match the IT needs of both customer and consultant.

Sourcing servicesFor many companies IT projects are essential for the continued growth but often they lack the appropriate technical staff. Moreover, the search and screening of IT professionals do not usually belong to the core business.

From this need, ICASA provides solutions for an efficient resource planning and supports small businesses, SMEs and multinationals in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, banking and insurance, logistics/distribution, telecoms, chemistry and governments.

In reply to your specific question, our technical and business professionals are specialized in different technologies and features. From developers, system engineers to analysts and project managers. We undoubtedly have the profile that you are looking for or the project that matches to you!

Can we support you in managing your IT requirements? Contact us. We make it our business to match the IT needs of both customer and consultant.

ICASA distinguishes itself in the terms of:

Icon Sourcing consultancyDo you not have the appropriate or sufficient staff for specific projects or departments?
Then we will start searching for you for the right match and we represent you a number of profiles. You make a selection of candidates that you want to invite for an interview. The IT professional who you ultimately choose, will be deployed by your side, for a specified period of time.


Icon Sourcing screening selectionIf you can’t make time to set up an own selection process or fail to find the right candidates, ICASA supports you in terms of screening and selection.
During a personal interview we screen all IT professionals, both in terms of professional experience as of personality. In addition, there is a technical screening whereby the knowledge and specific expertise are assessed and determined.

From the proposed profiles, you make a selection which candidates you want to invite for an interview, to subsequently employ the candidate with the most advantages.



Icon Sourcing try hireAre you searching for a new employee but not willing to commit immediately to take him or her on the payroll from day one? Then we provide you with the opportunity to hire a consultant for a specified period, with the clear understanding that the consultant, after a minimum period of six months, becomes an employee of you.

In addition, we follow closely all of our IT professionals to maintain the original match and if possible intensify even further. During regular follow-up interviews we assess the job satisfaction, and we take a look at which technical adjustments or training might be necessary in the context of the ongoing project. Obviously you will be closely involved and consulted.