Colleagues speaking

download asset 3b‘As Project Manager Energy I think it's fundamental that we can respond to the questions and daily needs of our customers with our software applications. Therefore we continue the daily development and adaptation of XPetro as the market evolves.
The development of our web version is a good example hereof. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, we are able to make our applications for the energy sector more user-friendly and to present data on a functional, modern and most accessible way.'
Steve Vandermeeren | Project Manager Energy

‘As a young Healthcare consultant, working with an extensive software package is an exciting challenge. At ICASA there is always enough space for my own input, whereby I get the chance to give a fresh turn to our Healthcare applications.
In addition, thanks to the many customer contacts, my job is very varied, which gives me the necessary satisfaction. I look forward to further develop the Healthcare division and deploy it in a broader market.'
Shari Paulussen | Healthcare Consultant

‘Quality and expertise coupled with a professional service with a personal approach. These are the "values" which ICASA Group pursues. Evidence of this is the path that ICASA has made the past few years and the growth we achieve year after year. Marketing is hereby an important tool both for the realization of the policy plan and for creating brand awareness and loyalty. The ability to help build growth of a dynamic company and positioning ICASA on the international market, gives me a lot of satisfaction.
Furthermore ICASA gives me the opportunity to work independently and take initiative, interacting with a healthy team spirit. Only if we join hands and combine the knowledge, we can support our customers in their growth and provide them the best solution.'
Katrijn Elias | Marketing Manager

‘ICASA for me is the ideal partner as an intermediary for a large number of established companies and government agencies. ICASA's transparent approach benefits both client and myself, as freelancer. Moreover, they manage to find a perfect match between outstanding function and candidate, whereby arises a pleasant working experience with some challenges and opportunities.'
De Muer Kristof | freelancer

‘ICASA knows his freelancers and therefore also their needs, whereby a good cooperation is achieved. This knowledge, along with a good guidance and project monitoring makes ICASA the perfect partner for me.'
Aart Jonkers | freelancer

‘At the end of my studies Business Management, with option Marketing, I was searching for a challenging marketing internship. I certainly found it at ICASA! From day one I was completely immersed in practice. I kept myself mainly engaged in helping to organize trade fairs, making demofillms, setting up a marketing plan, creating competitive analysis, introducing and developing new corporate identity etc. During my internship period I was able to experience the practice from a to z. I am ICASA therefore very grateful for the unforgettable experience!'
Manja Verhoeven | Intern

‘Beginning 2014 I did an internship at ICASA. I kept myself mainly engaged in market research of service stations in the Netherlands. ICASA for me is synonymous for working independently and taking initiative, working in a dynamic organization with great and result-oriented colleagues. One of the great experiences for me was the fair at Brussels Expo, a very interesting and educational experience.'
Martijn Platzbeecker | Trainee