Working at ICASA

download asset 2At ICASA customer and employee satisfaction go hand in hand. The dynamics that we radiate and the growth we achieve year after year, is largely due to the motivation and expertise of our employees. They are surely the beating heart of ICASA. As a close team, we try to meet the individual needs of our customers and focus on a long-term relationship.

Our engagement and our values that we as a company stand for, of course, also translates into our internal culture. For us it is of primordial importance that our employees share the same philosophy. Our values constitute after all ICASA's DNA:

  • Integrity: We are open, honest and sincere. We say what we do, and do what we say.
  • Standing strong together: We are convinced that 1 + 1 is not 2 but 3. We bundle our expertise to support our customers in their growth and to raise even a higher level. Our employees also join hands as a real team, to bring complex projects to the finish line.
  • Quality: ICASA conducts quality and workmanship in high priority. This translates into ongoing efforts in the area of professional development and opportunities for our employees to certify themselves in certain technical areas.
  • Enterprising/flexible: ICASA has a wide range of clients, ranging from SMEs to multinationals, and that in various sectors. We are constantly looking for employees who have a sense of initiative, are enterprising and can easily empathize themselves in a variety of projects in different regions.