Energy News

AVIA Weghorst chooses ICASA as a partner to make their 130 manned and unmanned stations in the Northeast and Central Netherlands future proof. Tomorrow’s Energy Management, Today with ICASA.

The ICASA Authorization offers a complete, secure and fully integrated end-to-end solution for handling and authorizing transactions. It covers online (real time) capturing, authorization, management and the processing of transactions and cards.

Trading in a nutshell

23 September 2019

You’ve probably already heard of ‘trading’ – but what does it really mean? Please let us set the facts straight.

ICASA on the road

23 September 2019

In the coming months you can find us at several international trade fairs and events were we are looking forward to representing ICASA. An overview where you can spot us.

You are probably familiar with the terms ‘BOS & HOS’, in full Backoffice System and Headoffice System. Before the cloud was invented, local software (BOS) was installed in every fuel station to manage it. The data was sent to the Headoffice System (HOS) where everything was centralized.