Ellan Vannin Fuels, ICASA and Tokheim joined forces

Ellan Vannin Fuels, which has been based on the Isle of Man for over 25 years, is a local supplier of heating oil, fuel and lubricants. With their 8 fuel stations, they are the leading oil company on the island.

They have grown from a company of 8 people in 1989 to one employing over 90 today. Initially the business was known as Total, in 2011 they became Ellan Vannin Fuels.

Complete change-over of stations
EVF 3Ellan Vannin, who delivers personal fuel delivery service to their domestic, agriculture and commercial customers, had a complete change-over of their stations. Tokheim and ICASA supplied a full retail automation solution of Fuel POS as the EPOS solution, and XPetro as back- and headoffice management system. Previously Micros-Oracle solutions were in place.
Des Kinsella, responsible for the stations, explains how the process evolved. ‘The implementation went very smoothly. We had the joined XPetro team for a few weeks on our hands and the cooperation with both supplier teams (meaning ICASA and Tokheim) was wonderful and extremely efficient.’ ‘The interaction was very good’, Des continues. ‘The switch-over took place in the week of 18 July, and we switched 2 stations a day. So in a week everything was implemented and meanwhile things seem to have fallen into place. XPetro is very user-friendly and tailored to our daily needs.’

Complete and total solution
EVF promoAdrian Beeby (Tokheim) adds how the total solution brought out the dynamic perfections of both systems, allowing Ellan Vannin to maximise their potential on an increase of forecourt and shop sales, whilst delivering a complete and total solution with no golden handcuffs, hidden costs or unrealistic ongoing and support costs. ‘Working with the EVF and ICASA teams in delivering this complete solution has been very exciting and enjoyable. I am looking forward to working closely with both partners on further thrilling projects.’

‘For ICASA, the drive of Des and all of his team of Ellan Vannin Fuels was key to make this project a success! The teams of Tokheim and ICASA have worked as one, side by side with one single focus on delivering a successful project and full customer service. I am looking forward to take this experience further in other exciting projects and challenges; our Tokheim-ICASA partnership will enable both of our organizations to offer a wider scope of solutions to our customers’, Martine Thijs concludes, ‘Ellan Vannin Fuels’ implementation implies almost 50% of the market on the Isle of Man is using the XPetro solution to run their stations’.