XPetro links with various forecourt suppliers

To stand still is to go backwards. That is exactly why we keep on developing XPetro and why we try to tune our cloud solutions as efficiently as possible to the specific needs of our customers.

One of our strengths is the fact that we can manage all forms of energy (fuels, gas, electricity and hydrogen) and that the link with various forecourt suppliers such as Tokheim, Oracle, Scheidt & Bachmann, Nucleus and DCM is possible.

Service StationRecently, we have activated the interface with daily reports and fuel cards for stations that are supplied with a Scheidt & Bachmann solution. The link with the fuel prizes and the shop is currently in development.

Thanks to the modular construction and the extensive interfaces we offer our customers the necessary tools to fully control their station(s), shop and fuel cards from XPetro, regardless of the forecourt supplier with whom they cooperate.