Energy News

XPetro sticks closely to what the forecourt suppliers offer concerning promotions. In the past we already supported all sorts of promotions in the shop.
We launched our XShop app to be of better service for our customers who run a service station.
XPetro goes mobile even with the deliveries! Are you looking for a way to draw up your tours? Are you in search for a modern and neatly arranged way to process your loads and deliveries? The XDriver app offers you a flexible and user-friendly solution.
Starting from the first of January 2017, all invoices to the Flemish government are to be submitted electronically. Not only does this cause a reduction in costs, but it allows to monitor unpaid invoices more closely and it enables an improvement of the cash management.
No doubt you have heard about ‘working in the cloud’, ‘cloud computing’ and ‘cloud solutions’. But do you also know the various options? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of a private and public cloud? And what added value an hybrid cloud offers to your company?