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No doubt you have heard about ‘working in the cloud’, ‘cloud computing’ and ‘cloud solutions’. But do you also know the various options? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of a private and public cloud? And what added value an hybrid cloud offers to your company?
Camera surveillance and -security are very topical in the fuel station sector. In safety, they have already repeatedly proven their value and importance, but it goes much beyond security. By integrating security with marketing and communication, you can increase the efficiency of your fuel station in a simple way.
No company today, large or small, is safe from cyberthreats and digital attacks. Hackers exploit internet technology and purposefully search for vulnerabilities in computer systems. Thus they are responsible for up to 350.000 unique threats a day.

From June 14 to June 16, 2016 ICASA takes part in UNITI Expo in Stuttgart (Germany). UNITI expo, whose kickoff was given in 2014, has since grown into the largest European trade fair for the retail petroleum and carwash industry.

To best adapt to the demand and needs of our customers, XPetro can process all financial transactions that take place in a service station. So we not only rule the fuel cards of the official card companies and business fuel cards, but also the processing of financial transactions such as bankcontact, credit cards and cash.