Energy News

It is general knowledge that the margins in the petrol station sector are under a lot of pressure. The price battle at the pump has a clear repercussion on the sector that is working on a strong (r)evolution as we speak.
To stand still is to go backwards. That is exactly why we keep on developing XPetro and why we try to tune our cloud solutions as efficiently as possible to the specific needs of our customers.
2016 is coming to an end and the holidays approach with great strides.
Ellan Vannin Fuels, which has been based on the Isle of Man for over 25 years, is a local supplier of heating oil, fuel and lubricants. With their 8 fuel stations, they are the leading oil company on the island.
XPetro offers you a complete solution to control both your shop and your fuel supply (the so-called wetstock). You can accurately follow up on the flow and the supply of your fuels by means of visual dashboards, the stock overview, ... Moreover, they enable you to have reliable stock numbers at your disposal at any given moment.