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XPetro already manages the entire flow of your fuel cards, whether it is a prepaid card (where the amount is paid in advance and then charged), an online card (in which limit checking occurs before transaction) or an offline card (where inspections take place on a daily basis).

Today it is crucial for a service station operator to keep your finger on the pulse and to quickly respond to fluctuating prices. Therefore ICASA has developed the ‘Pricing Barometer’. With this tool, which contains all prices of your competing colleagues, you can decide if your prices are competitive, follow the constant price changes and where necessary, adjust à la minute.

XPetro enables you to manage and control the entire flow of your fuel cards (whether they are prepaid, online or offline cards).

Tilmans-Pouls and Son opened at the early beginning of March a new gas station in the industrial zone Heikemp in Molenbeersel. For the management of this station, the fuel trading did also call on the XPetro software from ICASA. We put our ear to the ground with Vital Tilmans who takes over the operational leadership for his account.

XPetro is today one of the most extensive management tools for the fuel sector. But standing still is going backwards, we do not need to tell you.