Personalize your correspondence

You're suddenly out of stock of your letterhead paper and need to send a number of letters urgently. You have undoubtedly already experienced this several times. But thanks to the new functionality within HospiView such situations belong to the past.

HV template briefCustomized Templates
HospiView gives you the opportunity to personalize templates. We went to inform us at the 'gemeenschappelijke interne preventiedienst' (GPD) for group Antwerp, which has recently started working with personalized templates. 'We have a lot of daily correspondence', dr. Liesbet De Meulder clarifies.

Print from HospiView
'A confirmation will be printed for each appointment or examination. For example, all employees of Stad Antwerpen get a convocation for their medical examination. In the past we had preprinted stationery. Thanks to the new functionality, we can skip this step and print our stationary directly from HospiView, together with the letter.'

Save time and money
'Thanks to this new functionality, the application works even more efficient and user-friendly', Dr. De Meulder adds. 'We no longer have to take into account the stock of our letterhead paper and also save a lot of time and money. For us, this added functionality is of great value, it also indicates that HospiView evolves with the daily needs that we have as an organization.'

This testimony has made you think? Would you lika a non-committal look at the possibilities of customized templates? Let us know, we will gladly make a suitable offer.