Simplify the booking of appointments

You want to shorten the lead time of making appointments by telephone? And facilitate the booking of consultations? This is possible thanks to the new free screen already available today in HospiView and, moreover, which involves no additional costs!

AZ Jan Portaels is already working with this new screen. We checked with Pol De Bodt (coordinator 1st and 2nd line) to learn what benefits this entails, in practice.

Click on all agendasHV nieuwe vrije scherm2
'In the past our secretaries should not only know all the doctors and their specialties by heart. Moreover, it was not so clear to see which free slots were available at which specialists. In such cases, the secretary had to open all agendas relevant, one by one', Pol De Bodt explains.

Automatic proposal free slots
'With the new free screen the booking of an appointment is happening much quicker and simpler, which works more user-friendly, both for us and for the patient. Unlike before, the new free screen filters out immediately relevant parameters and, in this way, automatically generates an overview of the first available free time. You then simply need to click a proposed hour and then go immediately to the booking screen to book the appointment,' Pol De Bodt continues.
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HospiView filters for you
'Specifically, this means that when a patient calls for a CT, HospiView first filters on Radiology, followed by CT and finally shows a selection list of the different types of research as they are listed on the prescription. The secretary does no longer have to know by heart what CT examinations there are, HospiView takes over that function.
This additional functionality thus brings a lot of advantages. We save not only time and costs, but new employees are also incorporated much faster since they do not have to know all doctors and specialties by heart.'

'And if a patient still likes to make an appointment with a particular doctor, HospiView offers the possibility to book a consultation, only in the agenda of that particular doctor.
In brief, the new free screen is a whole lot more efficient thanks to the automatic filtering but still offers the necessary flexibility when necessary,' Pol De Bodt concludes.

Wondering what added value and cost savings the new screen can bring to your hospital? Let us know. We gladly come and explain the possibilities.