Make your appointment online via HospiView

AZ Lokeren has been doing appeal on HospiView for over 10 years to manage the agenda of their doctors. Since early February, the hospital has expanded its range of HospiView services with an external module to give patients the possibility to make appointments online. We turned to Geert Verniers for information about how this implementation went.

24/7 attainableHV AZL website
'By expanding our outpatient clinic, the number of telephone calls rose exponentially, with long waiting times as result', Geert explains. 'To reduce the number of calls and to partially relieve our employees from the remote secretarial services, we have opted for an extension to the external module. This way, patients can make an appointment directly through our website, when it suits them. They are no longer tied to the opening hours of our remote secretarial services.'

Easy registration with national register number
'Each user/patient must simply create a login based on his/hers national register number and can then make an appointment, with just a few clicks. Thanks to the family and friends button parents can also make an appointment for their children and vice versa. Once the appointment is registered, they will receive a confirmation on the screen, which they can print, if they want.
The new way to book appointments is clearly successful', Geert continues. 'Within a week, we have about 50 records and 25 effective entries, without having made any kind of publicity.'

Additional functionalityHV aanlogscherm AZ L
‘In addition ICASA has added extra functionality, on our demand. In the past, only the agendas were visible and not the departments. Thanks to the extra functionality, patients can now effectively see the departments, which certainly adds value. In short, this expansion has been realized in a very short time and ran smoothly. In ICASA we found a partner who always thinks with us and tries to meet our individual needs, which for us as healthcare institution is of primordial importance,' Geert Verniers concludes.