Full facelift for external module

In the past few months, we have been working hard behind the scenes on a new look & feel of the external booking module. We worked hard to ultimately raise the user-friendliness and efficiency of the module.

The existing functionalities remain more or less the same. However, in the renewed module we make use of functional icons and we provide a modern and uniform layout to achieve a clear and user-friendly whole.

A short overview:

  • A responsive web design for which we use for instance HTML5 to be able to show content on all devices and mobile apparatuses. HTML5 is more than ever crucial to deliver the correct online perception to website visitors. The new external module is developed in such a way that the screen automatically adjusts to the device you use, from smartphone and tablet to laptop, desktop and 4K.
Externe module zonder vriendenknop         Externe module zonder vriendenknop gsm

  • We replaced the family and friends button in the facelift with an alternative. Because it was not clear whether or not this functionality would fall under the severed privacy legislation, we worked on an alternative solution for safety’s sake. In the past, a username and password was automatically created and you could only change it afterwards if so desired. Now, you can come up with a personalized username and password that is easy for you to remember the moment you create an account.
Externe module registreer
  • Next to this we split up the specific doctors and services, which makes it easier for patients to book an appointment.
Stap 1 artsen
  • Finally, in the new version we built in the location. The user can now pick a campus and subsequently a doctor for care institutions with several campus grounds.
Externe module locatieWould you like to switch over to the renewed external module? Please contact our service desk via servicedesk.healthcare@icasa-group.com and we plan your transfer as quickly as possible.