Why choose for a site license?

Does your institution still work with separate licenses that make you pay per agenda? In that case, we suggest you switch to a site license.

Site licentieYou might wonder what advantages this switch will bring about for you but especially for your patients? Instead of paying annually per agenda, a site license offers you the possibility to draw up agendas limitless for a set cost. In this way, you can incorporate HospiView in every department of the hospital.

Especially in combination with the external booking module, this is far more efficient. It allows you to ascribe a HospiView agenda to every doctor.

Doctors who don’t have an agenda are obviously not visible if you log in by means of the external module. This brings about a great deal of discomfort for patients who want to make an appointment. With a site license, you can attribute an agenda to every doctor for a set cost. This offers patients an overall picture of the doctors available.

Interested? Please contact us via servicedesk.healthcare@icasa-group.com or at 011 85 80 80.