We’ve added a number of new names to our clientele

2017 is coming to its end and the holidays are just around the corner. We happily look back on a year full of adventures and we are happy to be able to add a number of new names to our clientele.

OLV Brugge
Psychiatric hospital OLV Brugge
The PH Onzelievevrouw is a general psychiatric hospital with 412 beds. The hospital, which is specialized in the treatment of addiction, psychosis, personality disorders and depression for patients starting from 16 years old, will from now on manage all of its appointments by means of HospiView.

SFZ Heusden ZolderSFZ Heusden-Zolder
The Sint-Franciscus Hospital in Heusden-Zolder makes an appeal to TasksView in order to optimize the organization and planning of care supporting tasks. TasksView, which is completely web based and totally configurable searches for possibilities to combine and streamline the distribution of nutrition, medication from the pharmacy and the transport of linen. Moreover, you can integrate TasksView with hospital systems by means of context switch, webservice and HL7.