TasksView supports the general and technical services in a hospital

In 2016, the Sint-Trudo Hospital – which counts over 310 beds – already choose for TasksView for the transportation of their patients and for the logistic services and for optimization of the material. 

Meanwhile, the cleaning service has started with TasksView to optimize and streamline their way of working. To rationalize the cleaning of patient rooms and of the supporting departments, a new module was developed which is specifically concentrated on the existing hospital processes. After all, cleaning services are large-scale activities. When a patient is discharged from hospital, it is important that the room and the bed are made available for the next patient as quickly as possible.

Configurable solution

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‘Because the organization of cleaning is divided into work zones and since this structure can change during the week and weekends depending on the crowds, it is very important for us that this solution is very flexible and configurable’, Monique Strauven (head of the cleaning department at Sint-Trudo hospital) explains. ‘Tasks can be automatically made from the EDP (on the basis of discharge/transfer information) or by the coordinator of the bedding central. Moreover, all of this can be done in a specific app by the cooperator of the cleaning service itself.’

Nowadays, there is a module within TasksView for the operational management and follow-up of cleaning assignments. In cooperation with a consultancy company specialized in cleaning for hospitals, different modules will be developed and be brought on to the market in the coming year. Thanks to the intensive cooperation with experienced specialists, this results in solutions that have proven their utility more than once.

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Cleaning calculation calculates the necessary working time to clean a number of rooms. The use of these rooms and the quality and hygienic requirements are taken into account. The purpose is to translate the working time in a streamlined way to the necessary personnel and means.

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In the planning, the result of the calculation is converted into a work schedule that is adapted to the organizational possibilities of the hospital. Because it can be adjusted in a flexible way, it ensures that the efficiency is guaranteed and there is a detailed insight into the required work.

Follow up on quality

Quality control for cleaning in hospitals is essential for the prevention of infections. This module makes it possible to evaluate the quality of cleanliness on a certain site objectively and to measure it in accordance with the requirements of the standard. The norms ISO-EN 13549 and DS2431 are used as guiding principles.

This information can be used on the basis of an efficient analysis environment to adjust existing working methods. Moreover, this module has a very user-friendly screen for registration. With a smartphone, you can easily upload pictures into the file.

Procedures & instruction cards

Work instructions ensure that the employee can always rely on information that is up-to-date, not only for cleaning activities but also for the other logistic activities. The used instruction cards can be claimed for online by means of a pc or a smartphone. Distinction is made between the use of means and tools, cleaning instructions and ergonomic instructions.

Is your hospital in need of an efficient planning for the cleaning services or would you like to optimize the existing way of working? We like to stop by to demonstrate our innovative solution.