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To help hospitals and care centers organize meals more efficiently, ICASA has launched the web-based application NutriView. Would you like the nursing staff to be able to spend more time with the resident? Are you looking for a meal system that automatically takes into account disease or allergens? Then NutriView is the tool that offers these possibilities.

HospiView comes to you!

10 December 2015

HospiView literally comes to you! To coach you as well as possible in a correct and efficient use of the HospiView application, we would like to "rotate" for a few hours in your hospital.

In the previous editions and at the user forum, we already showed you a glimpse of the new look & feel of HospiView. In recent months we have been working hard behind the scenes on the new look of our software applications HospiView and AgendaView, with the ultimate aim of promoting the use and efficiency.

With a simple operation you can move an appointment. With a combination appointment (where the patient is scheduled for adjacent appointments with two different doctors), it is slightly more complicated because you need to find two consecutive free locks in two different agendas.

Would you like to increase the efficiency in your hospital, shorten the long queues at the registration desk and relieve the secretariat? Then placing a kiosk offers many advantages.