Click & Bike: The SmartBike Factory

The past few years the electric bike – in short the e-bike – is becoming more and more popular. Our client Click & Bike, a young and dynamic Belgian start-up company strongly believes in the potential of the electric bike.

They present themselves as The SmartBike Factory that is convinced of the development for smart applications for e-bikes. Johan Vanswijgenhoven, Project Manager, gives a detailed explanation.

KINGO ‘The Royal Way to Explore’

Kingo logo‘In 2015 we started the touristic project KINGO ‘The Royal Way to Explore’ in which we threw about a hundred bicycles with smart technology (cockpit with a bicycle navigation system) on the market’, Johan starts off. ‘The approach was to offer tourists a solution to be able to discover an area by bike in a comfortable way without preparation. During the pilot project we tested and evaluated our bikes thoroughly and a couple of areas of improvement came to the surface. Today, we offer 2 models that both have the same qualitative basis and are both durable and maintenance-friendly. The difference between them is their display. De KINGO-S is equipped with a 10 inch cockpit on which the KINGO Explore app is a standard app. The KINGO-E disposes of a 3,5 inch display to give an overview of all telemetrical data. The new version is offered today in more or less ten renting sites – the so-called KINGO SmartBike Stations – in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.’

Kingo 1Kingo 2

Broadening our horizon
‘We strongly believe that the e-bike will become the most important means of transportation of the future. That is why we broaden our horizon and why our ambition is bigger than merely the touristic sector’, Johan continues. ‘We strive for the development of smart applications that simplify the use of the e-bike starting from the experience we gathered out of the touristic project. We want to simplify the use for both the end user and for the provider and this in different sectors with a broad social relevance. Think for instance of mobility, revalidation or courier services. In this way, we can handle certain bottlenecks with our SmartBikes. Nowadays we dispose among other things of smart applications that can raise the control and the use of e-bikes in the context of commuter traffic to a higher level.’

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Smartbikes for your specific needs
Did the bicycle microbe bite you yet? Or are you interested in checking out the possibilities that Click & Bike offers for the introduction of company bikes? Quickly have a look on or contact Click & Bike via Johan Vanswijgenhoven, or +32 (0)89 23 00 08.