Sourcing News

2016 is coming to an end and the holidays approach with great strides.
Nowadays, websites are the calling cards of a company. Responsive web design, which is often used for HTML and CSS frameworks to properly show the content on all devices and especially on mobile phones, is now more than ever crucial to deliver the right online experience to the website visitor. 
Measuring to what degree programs, portfolios and projects support the corporate strategy, that is the main target of Birgit Hay, PMO of Mensura. Attitude, education and leadership play an important role in this. We asked Birgit to explain her vision and approach.

Companies want to play close on the ball and introduce the appropriate experts for each project. In order to meet this need, ICASA assists them in their search for the right profile. A good example is Vicky Geebelen who recently started as Program Assistant at Bose.

On Thursday, February 18th the PXL college organized its annual job event, in cooperation with VOKA - Chamber of Commerce Limburg. The intention of the PXL job event is to provide the final year students with a maximum of opportunities in their search for a first job. A unique opportunity for students and companies to establish contacts and build a network.