Sourcing News

You've undoubtedly read it in the media: Minister of Public Health Maggie De Block wants to abolish the white and green notes which you get at the doctor ('certificates'), and against 2018 replace them by an electronic version. Our customer LTD3 is a precursor in this story.

Companies want to move quickly and capitalize on opportunities that arise. What is important is that they therefore can fall back on the right experts. From this need ICASA provides solutions for an efficient resource planning and we seek for the most appropriate solution to support the growth of companies. A nice example of this is the cooperation between Quasydoc and ICASA. 

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, … are buzzwords that today often pass the revue and are increasingly being used in companies. But what do these exactly mean? We went apprentice with Alexandre Reynders, consultant at ICASA, who, in recent years, has deepened and specialized in agile software development.

De High-Tech Campus in Eindhoven is the mekka of new technologies. The campus, also named the Silicon Valley of the Netherlands, houses more than 135 companies and a 10.000 researchers and developers who focus on innovative technologies. 

For many companies IT projects are essential for the continued growth but they often lack the appropriate technical staff. Or they want to respond quickly and enable the right expertise for every project.