Sourcing News

When Cipal IT solutions nv (Geel) and Schaubroeck nv (Nazareth) decided to combine forces last year, both companies had already worked for decennia on the support of governments concerning IT and HR.
Our customer Mensura won the DCM Award for their mobile application to fully digitalize their customer visits.
In December, we already brought out the news that DOCOM – a web design bureau specialized in responsive design and User Experience – has developed Fibr, a framework that allows you to build a unique web design.
We paid a visit to Christophe Vanneste, because we like to get to know the person behind a certain function. Next to his professional focus as CIO of Mensura, he turns out to be a passionate coffee lover. Even to such an extent that his hobby grew out to the construction of a traditional coffee-roasting house. It’s about time we sat down and had some coffee together ;-)
“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole”, is what Theodore Levitt (Professor Marketing at Harvard University) once preached. If UX were to be a religion, we would mumble this quote of Theodore Levitt every Sunday.