Discover our ICASA Suite and get energized!

Are you looking for a partner to manage all your energy activities and energy types?
With the ICASA Suite we aim at guiding our customers throughout the energy transition in supporting all energy types and in facilitating the fundamental shift and transition from SaaS over FaaS to EaaS and MaaS in which we can function as an overall mobility supplier for our customers and end users. 

  • an integrated end-to-end cloud solution
  • the management of all energy activities - from logistics, to wet stock, dry stock, cards & authorization, and finance
  • the management of all energy types - from gasoline and diesel, over gas and hydrogen to EV charging
  • a scalable and fully integrated product suite with modular set up
  • HOS/BOS functionality
  • With no other requirements than an internet connection and browser, you can manage your business in any circumstance from any place and guarantee business continuity
  • flexibility of implementing a solution which perfectly matches the changing needs and wishes of your business

Our Solution


ICASA offers you an integrated end-to-end cloud solution for the management of all energy activities and energy types (from gasoline and diesel, over gas and hydrogen to EV charging). We actively strive to fulfill the business processes of our customers with our solution, not only focusing on today’s requirements, but also enabling them in evolving from an energy supplier to a mobility provider. And doing this using a secure and reliable cloud solution.

The major strength of our software suite lies in it being a single cloud platform and application to run multiple core functions of the business end-to-end. Standard dashboards with extensive configuration options offer you a big added value to oversee and adjust business where required.

People we work with

Our Company

ICASA has more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector and hence is a major player with its integrated end-to-end cloud solution for the management of your energy activities. 

We gladly service our global customer base from our Belgian headquarters and our different foreign branch offices.

We've got great customers to work with! Want to join? We focus on supporting a long-term relationship as true partners and search the most appropriate solution to raise your operational level and to support the growth of your business.

Our values


We are open, honest and sincere. We say what we do, and do what we say.


We are convinced that 1 + 1 is not 2 but 3


ICASA conducts quality and workmanship in high priority.


Our employees are enterprising, flexible and have a sense of initiative.

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