Join us at forecourttech '21

On 12-13 October, ICASA will be present at forecourttech ’21 in Alicante, the event that brings together an audience of major & independent mobility hub operators with providers of technologies to the forecourt & C-Store, producing an environment that allows for effective networking.

Prova Oil invests in HVO 100

To grow its service stations, our customer Prova Oil has invested in HVO 100 vegetable oil. ‘HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil’, service station owner Dirk Prové explains.

Are your service stations ready for the future?

In order to limit climate change we need to reduce our carbon footprint/CO2 emissions and decarbonize the energy sector on a global and universal scale. Despite the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, we see oil and gas companies continue to make progress toward a lower-carbon future.

Limit security risks thanks to cloud computing

No doubt you have heard about ‘working in the cloud’, ‘cloud computing’ and ‘cloud solutions’. But do you also know the various options, the advantages and risks of cloud computing? And what added value it offers to your company? We give you a short overview.

Tier IV certificate guarantees highest level of security

Datacenter United - the data center ICASA partners with - obtains the prestigious Tier IV certificate from the Uptime Institute. The USA-based consultancy and audit company Uptime Institute has set up an internationally acclaimed classification system that indicates the degree of guaranteed redundancy of a data center. The service levels range from Tier I to the ultimate Tier IV.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

While we look ahead towards a more normal second half of the year and we’ll be able to travel again, we are spreading our wings. In the coming months you’ll find us at several international trade fairs and events where we are looking forward to talking again face to face.

Roll out of ICASA Suite across 190 Shell retail sites in Hungary

ICASA is extremely proud to join forces with Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) to complete the installation of their site automation solutions with the provision and roll out of the back office and head office of the ICASA Energy Suite across the more than 190 Shell retail sites in Hungary. Local partner in this project is Laurel.

LUKOIL BELUX chooses ICASA as a partner

LUKOIL BELUX chooses ICASA as a partner to make their 185 stations in Belgium and Luxembourg future proof. ‘To be ready for future challenges we make use of the ICASA Suite to manage all of our stations and shops’, Ivo Hoskens - Retail Director & Deputy Managing Director Lukoil Benelux - explains.

C4T adds LNG & CNG to truck stop in Calais

The C4T Group has established a new entity, C4T Gaz, a joint venture between C4T and the HAM Group of Spain, which allows them to offer LNG and CNG at their truck stop in Calais.

ICASA integrates with delivery tool of Petro-Center

To make the home and truck deliveries run smoothly, our customer Petro-Center has chosen to integrate the delivery tool Grizzli in the Petro-Center headquarters and trucks.

Discover our newest features!

The (energy) world is changing at a rapid pace, and as a technology partner for the energy sector we are following these changes closely, and of course we are evolving along with them.

Aketi starts building a new school

The non-profit organization Aketi, who focuses entirely on humanitarian and social projects in Aketi (Africa), starts building a new school to give the youngest children the opportunity to go to school and to get the education they are entitled to.

Driving customer experience through digital transformation

In November we joined the IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) Annual Conference and explored this year’s theme of ‘Enhancing Consumer Experience’.

Want to be part of our international journey?

Due to our strong international growth and challenging new projects, we are still looking for motivated and skilled people to join our ambitious ICASA team. Want to be part of our journey? More than ever, it's important to be a game changer. Facing the current challenges and translating them into solutions to help our customers, that's in our DNA.

Rontec finalist of the Forecourt Trader Awards 2020

Our customer Rontec is one of the finalists of the Forecourt Trader Awards 2020, the most prestigious and respected awards in the UK’s petrol retailing calendar.

Enjoy the Christmas spirit!

2020 is on its last legs and the holidays are just around the corner. We try to offer you the best possible service – also during the holidays – and permanency is guaranteed.

Asset Management saves you time and costs

Do you want to increase the operational efficiency of your company while significantly reducing costs? With the 'Asset & Compliance Management' functionality within the ICASA Suite, we offer the possibility to manage all your assets in an efficient and systematic way, in order to get the maximum value from your assets.

State of the fuel and convenience retail industry

COVID-19 is a global crisis that is continuing to evolve. The timeline and full implications of this crisis are not yet known. What is known is that short-term solutions would be able to last for longer than expected, and long-term consumer behaviors will forever be changed when we reach the end.

Join us at Forecourttech V '20 on 6-7 October

This year forecourttech takes to a Virtual platform, featuring presentations on current day and evolving technologies and a pre-scheduled meetings program that will create a safe and convenient platform for forecourt operators and technology providers to come together.

A new milestone for Aketi!

With the international growth of ICASA, we find it important to contribute to the international community as well as to local initiatives. In our March edition we already talked about our partnership with the non-profit organization Aketi, who focuses entirely on humanitarian and social projects related to the fundamental necessities such as health, education and training of the population in Aketi.

G&V and Rolande open their first LNG station in Belgium

Dutch LNG market leader Rolande partnered with our customer G&V Energy Group to open their first LNG station in Belgium, at the Antwerp harbour.

ICASA supports your financial management

The energy sector is ever-evolving. With the ICASA Suite we stay closely on track of these developments. As the market and the customer demands evolve, we are constantly adjusting and enhancing our powerful back- and head-office solution to be able to provide you a total solution for your downstream activities.

Service Stations in the age of COVID-19

The last months have been entirely devoted to the fight against COVID-19. In this challenging period, one thing was certain: we would continue to serve our customers as you would expect from us. We do our utmost to ensure a smooth service, however without losing the guidelines of government out of sight and while placing the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners first.

Join us at forecourttech V. ‘20

As we face historic challenges worldwide with the COVID-19 pandemic and as the health and safety of everyone is priority number one, a lot of events have been cancelled or postponed.

UNIMOT - AVIA Poland chooses ICASA as a partner to be ready for the future

As a rapidly growing ambitious organization UNIMOT is developing a network of petrol stations in Poland under the AVIA brand. To support their growth and to make their stations future proof, UNIMOT chooses ICASA.

Together against corona

The last month has been entirely devoted to the fight against the corona virus (COVID-19). As a company, we also take our responsibility to guarantee the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

ICASA and Azpiral launch partnership

ICASA recently partnered with Azpiral. Azpiral, is a loyalty software company based in Ireland. With this partnership, ICASA can extend its services and offer its customers a fully integrated loyalty platform.

ICASA and non-profit organization Aketi join forces

With the international growth of ICASA, we find it important to contribute to the international community as well as to local initiatives (such as non-profit organization Stijn). ICASA has recently chosen to partner up with the non-profit organization Aketi.

Looking for enthusiastic colleagues to join our team

From our headquarters in Belgium and our different branch offices, ICASA fully focuses on globally providing its software suite. As ICASA continues to grow geographically and proceeds to develop and improve services and solutions, we are constantly looking for ambitious people with qualified technical skills.

Together we fight against the corona virus

The Belgian government and the World Health Organization have taken a number of measures to stop the spreading of the corona virus (COVID-19). Depending on the evolution of the virus and the Belgian situation these measures may have to be adjusted on a permanent basis.

Mobility as a Service

Undoubtedly, you have heard of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). But what does it actually mean? We gladly explain it all to you.

Launch of new website in context of further international expansion

The ICT sector is ever-evolving. With the ICASA Energy Software Suite we stay closely on track of these developments. As the market and the customer needs evolve, ICASA is constantly adjusting and enhancing its ICASA Energy Suite. 

Necessary upgrade to Windows 10

Upgrades, a word you undoubtedly heard of numerous times. After a couple of years, computers automatically start to slow down. They will begin to work slower and slower. An upgrade is needed to be able to meet the high demands of software packages.

AVIA Weghorst chooses ICASA to be ready for the future

AVIA Weghorst chooses ICASA as a partner to make their 130 manned and unmanned stations in the Northeast and Central Netherlands future proof. Tomorrow’s Energy Management, Today with ICASA.

End-to-end solution for the handling and authorization of transactions

The ICASA Authorization offers a complete, secure and fully integrated end-to-end solution for the handling and authorization of transactions. It covers the online (real time) capturing, authorization, management and processing of transactions and cards.

Trading in a nutshell

You’ve probably already heard of ‘trading’ – but what does it really mean? Please let us set the facts straight.

ICASA on the road

In the coming months we are certainly not standing still and you can find us at several international trade fairs and events we are looking forward to representing ICASA. An overview where you can spot us in the coming months.

A platform to manage all of your stations

You are probably familiar with the terms ‘BOS & HOS’, in full Blackoffice System and Headoffice System. Before the cloud was invented, local software (BOS) was installed in every fuel station to manage the station. The data were sent to the Headoffice System (HOS) where everything was centralized.

Rontec awards a five-year contract to ICASA

Rontec Roadside Retail, one of the leading players in the UK forecourt industry and operating over 240 forecourts across England and Wales, has awarded a five-year contract to ICASA to manage the back and head office for its stations with their ICASA Energy Software Suite.

Heroes of the Stelvio

At the start of the year, our colleague Herman Briké became one of the ambassadors for Climbing for Life 2019. Saturday 15th of June was D-day for him and Herman climbed the mythical Stelvio together with his fellow ambassadors.

Discover the new functionalities of our ICASA Suite

We keep on developing and finetuning our ICASA Suite in order to be able to meet your needs and to offer you a solution as broad as possible. We would like to offer you this short overview of our most recent developments.

XPetro becomes ICASA Energy Software Suite

The (energy) world is changing at a rapid pace, and as a technology partner for the energy sector we are following these changes closely, and of course we are evolving along with them. Moreover, we want to be a pioneer, a pioneer in offering innovative solutions for the management of all downstream/energy activities.

Visit us at the upcoming international trade shows

You will find us at a number of international trade fairs in the upcoming months. We are looking forward to representing ICASA.

Gabriëls incorporates sector colleague Power Oil

Fuel supplier Gabriëls from Aalst and the West-Flemish energy group Power Oil, both customers of ICASA, combine their forces from now on. We had a conversation with Ignace Gabriëls who will make sure the fusion between the two companies will run smoothly.

Climbing of the Stelvio in the wake of Herman Briké

Our colleague Herman Briké took on the ambassadorship of Climbing for Life 2019 at the start of this year. Climbing for Life wants to draw attention to diabetes and wants to stimulate people towards more healthy movement. In the upcoming months, a team of diabetes patients is prepared under medical supervision to climb the Passo Dello Stelvio by bike in June.

XPetro 7.3 offers you more functionalities and flexibility

The past few months, we have been working really hard behind the screens on the expansion of the existing functionalities and on a new look & feel of XPetro. All this to increase the user-friendliness and the efficiency of the system.

Online authorization and management of transactions and cards

Looking for a total solution for the handling and authorization of your transactions? With the XPetro Authorization platform, ICASA offers you an end-to-end solution.

Upcoming events

On the 21st and 22nd of November ICASA joined the 5th edition of the “Tankstation Vakbeurs”. Also in 2019, we have some new interesting events on the agenda.

We wish you a merry Christmas!

2018 is on its last legs and the holidays are just around the corner.

Gm Fuel chooses XPetro

Gm Fuel Service is a Spanish oil operator whose area of influence is mainly the north and the Mediterranean area through its Bilbao and Barcelona bases. A new base in the Outer Harbor of Huelva and the new offices in Sevilla mark the beginning of the expansion in the south of the peninsula.

E-invoicing obliged as from November 2018

Do you already invoice to Flemish and local governments or would you like to consider them as one of your customers in the future? Take a step ahead on your colleagues and start already now with digital invoicing.

Uniform fuel labels in Europe

Uniform labels for new vehicles and service stations are obligatory as from October 12 2018. This to ensure that customers find the right fuel for their vehicle.

'Gas oil extra' disappears and is now ‘gas oil-diesel’

As we communicated before, new types of diesel fuel are allowed on the Belgian market as from July 23rd 2018. The RD of July 8 2018 (concerning the naming and the characteristics of the gas oil-diesel and of the fuels) changes the RD of September 19 2013. That degree only allowed diesel on the Belgian market that answered to the European norm EN 590.

Let’s meet up at the Fuel Station Trade Fair

The 'Fuel Station Trade Fair' takes place at Expo Houten (The Netherlands) on November 21 and 22. ICASA will once again be present at this event! We’d like to welcome you on our stand.

Diesel and heating oil during and after the energy transition

Fossil fuels set a lot of tongues wagging. The use of diesel and heating oil is strongly discouraged from political corners. But the measures that are taken are not in line with the technology-neutral approach on which the sector is urging.

XPetro allows Premier Marinas to have flexibility in their rates

Established in 1994, Premier Marinas Ltd owns and operates several of the UK’s most prestigious marinas all based on the South Coast (Eastbourne Marina, Brighton Marina, Chichester Marina, Southsea, Port Solent, Gosport, Swanwick, Noss-on Dart, Falmouth Marina).

Energy as a Service

The world is changing at a rapid pace, just like the existing forms of energy. As a technological partner for the energy sector we follow these changes closely and we evolve.

Fuel cards for goods and services related to mobility

As a consequence of a European Union directive on payment services - Payment Services Directive (PSD 2) aka Directive (EU) 2015/2366 - in the future it will only be allowed to use fuel cards for goods and services related to mobility.

New reimbursement procedure for professional diesel

The Council of Ministers recently approved a preliminary draft law providing for a new reimbursement procedure for professional diesel fuel in the context of the partial exemption from the special excise duty for certain categories of professional transport operators (+ 3.5 tonnes).

Review UNITI Expo 2018

For the 2nd time in a row, ICASA was present at UNITI Expo, the largest international trade fair for the retail petroleum and car wash industry. With 467 exhibitors from 37 countries and 17,000 visitors from 120 countries, it was a very successful edition.

Don’t miss it: the XPetro users forum

As usual, we organize also this fall the XPetro users forum. It goes without saying that we adapt our software as efficiently as possible to your specific needs. To make this possible, we keep our ears to the ground and we want to hear from you as a user.

The C4T Group has ambitious expansion plans

The C4T Group, headquartered in Madrid, acquired its first truck stop in France in April 2016, just outside of Calais in the Transmarck Industrial Zone.

Visit us on UNITI Expo in Stuttgart

We are counting down! The UNITI Expo – the biggest trade fair for retail petroleum and carwash industry – will take place from 15 to 17 May 2018. It is already the third edition of the trade fair.

Is your company ready for the new privacy legislation?

As we already announced in our ICASA News of March 2017, the new privacy legislation (the so-called General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR in short) is effective as from May 2018. The new law includes a number of new obligations and liabilities for companies that process personal details of Europeans.