Roll out of ICASA Suite across 190 Shell retail sites in Hungary

ICASA is extremely proud to join forces with Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) to complete the installation of their site automation solutions with the provision and roll out of the back office and head office of the ICASA Energy Suite across the more than 190 Shell retail sites in Hungary. Local partner in this project is Laurel.

Shell logo Manage all back office and head office activities
The ICASA Suite is a comprehensive and fully integrated cloud solution for the management of all back office activities in a retail network as well as providing headquarters with the required management views and features.
It guarantees flexible and streamlined processes that can be easily (re)configured to align with new situations or changing needs, allowing Shell to continuously optimize its business. It seamlessly integrates with the DFS solutions ensuring Shell has full view and control of its retail network on all levels.

Get in touch for more details and discover how we can support organizations in their growth and improve their operational excellence by offering a single cloud platform and solution to run core functions of the business end-to-end. From logistics, to fuel retail (wet & dry stock), card management & authorization, and finance.

For more info on the DFS-Shell agreement please follow the link.