E-invoicing obliged as from November 2018

Do you already invoice to Flemish and local governments or would you like to consider them as one of your customers in the future? Take a step ahead on your colleagues and start already now with digital invoicing.


Obligatory as from November 2018
The delivery of e-invoices to the Flemish Government is operational since January 1st. There was a transition period to give all companies ample time to adjust to this measure. But as from November 2018 the regulation will be obligatory for everyone. In time, the federal government, other Belgian regional governments, cities and municipalities will also switch and e-invoicing will be standard.

Mercurius & Peppol
E-invoicing stands for the exchanging and processing of e-invoices in a structured XML-file. PDF-invoices do not fall under this term. Governments receive their invoices via the federal Mercurius platform that communicates with Peppol, the international network with an appointment framework, a standard size and applications that make e-invoicing and e-procurement easier. In a concrete manner, this means that they work with so-called Access Points (AP) that receive invoices from a company and send them to other companies or other Access Points. Mercurius – which is compliant to Peppol – is the Acces Point of the Government.

Peppol eng
What does this mean for you?
As from November 2018 you are obliged to send e-invoices to the Flemish Government. You choose one of the existing Access Points that are active on the Belgian market and that is able to exchange your XML-invoice in Peppol.
We use XPetro to make an XML-file of your invoice and send it to the Access Point of your choice. The communication goes by means of a hotspot. We choose to work with Advalvas to cover this.
Do you want to take care of everything in advance to ensure that you are Peppol compliant so that you can invoice to government and to B2B-customers? We are more than happy to support you. Contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will take care of it.